Who, What, Wear?

Who: You

Have you ever realized that your friend is getting married next month, your boyfriend is planning a hot date next week, or you have a get together with the girls and you don't want to be an outfit repeater? If so, this post is for you. 

What: Rent-the-Runway

Rent the Runway is the best place for those last minute realizations. All you do is visit the website, https://www.renttherunway.com/ select the date range for when you'll need the rental and your size. The cost varies based on the retail value of your selection. There are typically two options for the date range to keep the rental, 4 or 8 days. I haven't even got to the greatest part. If you are like me, the size I wear varies based on the material, designer, etc. RTR provides you with a FREE back up size, so just in case you're a 6 instead of your usual 4 size you have your options. There are a couple of different ways one could indulge in trendy, designer clothes. Check out the website for more information.

Wear: Uh....Everything!

There is such a variety of styles, designers, and colors offered by RTR. I typically use it for events when I don't necessarily want to buy an outfit because I know I will only wear it one time. However, the site offers everything from dresses for galas to cool, trendy outfits for your next vacation. Seriously, check it out! 

Here are some of the rentals I've worn.


Designer: Likely Retail: $178 Rental: $30 (The fur coat was something I picked up a couple years ago at a consignment shop)











Designer: AQ/AQ Retail: $210
Rental: $30


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