How to be 'Funfessional'

We live in a world where professional wear consists of your standards pants and blazers that are 50 shades of gray, white, and black. I mean unless you work in a place where the dress code is super strict... my friends this is unacceptable! We can still be professional and have fun with our clothes, which is why I'm coining the term... (wait for it) FUNFESSIONAL. I know, I know it's corny. But it's true. There are so many ways we can mix and match our favorite pieces into something that our bosses will even go, "You look great & funfessional!"

I mean this advice is strictly for those of us who have a little flexibility on what we can wear everyday. Every morning, before work, I pick out an outfit just twenty minutes before I am like "Oh, crap! I'm gonna be late." But I honestly like the thrill of challenging myself to put together something cute in just a couple of minutes, and I feel like this helps me express how I feel most accurately. I obviously do not have any children or pets, so I have time to pretend like I'm going to win a prize just by getting ready fast. But, I digress.

My best funfessional choices consists of a basic top and pants with an interesting outer layer. Which, in my opinion, takes your standard business casual outfit to the next level. 

The first look:


Shirt: Zara $35
Pants: Banana Republic $40
Blazer: Drew $325
Shoes: Nine West $65

The second look:

Shirt: Old Navy $15
Pants: Violet Boutique $40
Outer layer: Marshall's $20
Shoes: Zara $90

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